Getting started with Matrix Bots on NodeJS

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It took me a couple of hours to get a funtioning Matrix bot, mostly due to not understanding the ecosystem. This will just let you skip a couple of hours and get productive with Matrix quickly.

I am not a Matrix expert, I've less than a day's experience with it. I just want to save some people the pain/time of learning the same things again. There may well be incorrect information here, but this was enough knowledge to get me productive.

  • There are lots of Matrix servers, hosted by different people
  • Some are hosted by, some aren't
  • There are lots of Matrix clients
  • Some are made/maintained by, some aren't
  • The easiest to get started with is Riot:
  • In Matrix, there are Users, Rooms, and Messages
  • Users can create, join, leave, invite others to, and modify rooms (alike most chat systems)
  • Users can send messages to Rooms
  • Users can be members of multiple rooms simultaneously
  • Users are authenticated with a password or authToken 

Setting up a bot user

To create a Bot, we need to choose a server/group of servers to run on.
We're using for this.

  1. Open
  2. Create a room for our bot to live in (for now)
  3. When prompted, create a username for your bot
  4. Choose a room name
  5. Make a note of the roomId in the URL (this includes the '!' and the '')
  6. Click 'Settings' in the bottom left corner
  7. Scroll down to "ADVANCED"
  8. Make note of your bot's username (including the '@' and '')
  9. Make note of your bot's Access Token
  10. Set a password on the account so it doesn't get deleted
  11. Make your bot

For example code, see

If you have any questions or suggested updates, contact me on Twitter @jreeve0