Life is Like Gambling

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I've been playing with this mental model recently:

Life is like gambling.
Either you're the house, you're the player, or you didn't even enter the Casino.
That is to say - Either you own the game (win), you play and lose, or you abstain.

This applies nicely to various things, one of which is my choice of mobile phone. I ditched my 8-core Android phone with all the fancy features, and widgets for an old BlackBerry Bold.

I reason that either I'm playing the game - Chasing after the latest, £700+ phone made by [INSERT MANUFACTURER HERE], and feeling bad when the new XL+V2s version comes out.
Or I could be owning the game (Samsung, Apple, Google, Etc.) - Making money from the schmucks who buy a new phone every year to avoid feeling inferior to their friends.
Or I could not play - get a phone that doesn't even compare. I don't lose, because I refuse to engage.

The same is true with cars, job titles, universities, soical media.

Think about it during your day. Consider in the situations or products you encounter - "Who wins, and who loses?". If you can't answer the question, it's you that's losing.