LightHouse Donation Request 2017

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One of my responsibilites this year as a LightHouse Hazlemere Trustee.

Below is a copy of what was sent out to all parents, let me know on Twitter (@jreeve0) how you think it could be improved for next year.

Parents of Lighthouse!

Your kids are special, that’s why you bring them to Lighthouse - so they can have a brilliant start to their favourite part of the year… The summer holidays! 

We at Lighthouse Hazlemere (460+) - all volunteers - love having the chance to serve you, and your children. Unfortunately, there is a cost to the activities we do here.

I thought this year it’d be nice to pull back the curtains on some of the things we spend money on…

Site & Security (>£35,000)

We spend the majority of this budget on renting the marquees and school grounds.

We also need to make sure we have working walkie talkies, secure fencing, matting to stop people from slipping over!

Our marquees alone cost over £15,000 - largely discounted because of our charity status.

Tech (>£3,500)

Our tech team is important for Lighthouse’s smooth operation - they help run our sessions and save they day time and time again throughout the week.

Things you might not think of

I thought it’d be nice to include some of the more…. unusual items we buy - the kind that often sits in the background, but is important to Lighthouse’s operation.

  • Many kilometres of Duck Tape
  • Printer Toner/Ink
  • Gunge!
  • Paint for the backdrop
  • Unicorn piñata

People’s Time (£0)

Every single person involved in Lighthouse is fully voluntary and unpaid. From the Trustees who are working year round to prepare for the big week, to the Lamplighters who look after the children, to the Americans who come to help every 2 years.

We do it because we want to be an example of God’s love, kindness, and compassion to everyone in the community. 

I’m sure you’ve heard from your child about the great fun they’ve had with us at Lighthouse - they might’ve done some of the following:

  • Circus Skills Workshop
  • Enjoyed 5 Puppet and Drama sessions
  • Been taught about God’s role in their life, and the world around them
  • Played huge games (up to 150 people) with our sports team
  • Gotten on stage to do actions/games in front of over 1000 people
  • We’re really proud of the activities and experiences we’re able to give your children, and we hope you are too.

Even after your child “graduates” from the 10+ age group, we invite them to come back in a leadership role to continue learning skills that serve them and God all throughout their lives. 

Roles your child could join at Lighthouse:

  • Lamplighter - Helping lead a group of up to 15 children
  • Tech team - Being responsible for the sound and video on the main stage
  • Drama team - Performing, dancing, and puppeteering in front of the younger ones
  • Sport team - Playing games with the children in the field and games hall

We're sure Lighthouse Hazlemere exceeds its aim of serving the surrounding community - both children and leaders. Unfortunately, it all takes money. Donationsare our only source of money. If your child has enjoyed their time with us this week, we’d love for you to leave a donation. 

The costs work out at over £50 per child - they’re increasing every year and we need your help to keep running. A donation of just £10 per day for each child would get us most of the way to breaking even. Please donate generously and show support for the amazing helpers of Lighthouse Hazlemere.

Friday Collection Times

It seems some parents have been inadvertently told that pickup on Friday (28th) is at 3PM.

We officially finish at 3.45PM, but all are welcome to join from 3.15 to get a glimpse of what goes on in the Lighthouse Main Marquee.

Lots of love,

The Lighthouse Hazlemere Family