Make your Bucket-List your Calendar

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I've been reading a lot of Seth Godin's blog recently, and really love his style. It reminds me of when I kept a diary, just logging a single thought in a brief manner, regardless of someone esle reading it.

The mere fact that I'm writing about this topic shows that I'm practising what I preach (at least for a once-off) - blogging.

I often hear the term bucket-list thrown arround.

"Sky diving? That's on my bucket-list!"
"Yeah, some day I want a Lambourghini... It's on my bucket-list."
"I'm gonna loose weight... Starting after this Ice Cream"

Bucket-lists are where dreams go to die.
Calendars are where things happen.

My late grandfather had a saying... "Why do today what can be done tomorrow?" We all thought it was a funny quip, until we noticed that he lived by it. He delayed moving to a more managable house for 20 years, filled up his 10 bedroom house room by room with junk because he didn't feel like tidying, and left it for my father and uncles to sort through.

It goes along the same lines as "when my ship comes in I'll...", "tomorrow I'll...", "I wish I could...".

All this does is delay the work. Do the things you want to do, don't make excuses to yourself or others...

Make your bucket-list your calendar, make your dreams happen.