My Roles at LightHouse

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LightHouse Hazlemere is a week-long christian kids camp (~800 kids + 400 volunteers).

I'm a Trustee, this means I'm responsible for:

  • Performing Arts Sessions (2017 on) (During the Week)
  • Tech Desk Team (2018 on) (During the Week)
  • Fresh Café (2018 on) (Evening sibling event)
  • Communications (2017 on) (Throughout the year)
  • Resource management (2018 on) (Throughout the year)

We usually get around 800 children, with about 400 volunteers (half of whom are under 18). The week is pretty hectic, with lots fires that need fighting (of the figurative kind). The event is hosted on a School Field in large hired marquees.

Types of problems by department:

  • Performing Arts - Problems tend to be down to people 'clashing' and being disorganised. Since I became responsible, this issue has been solved by hands-on management and coaching.
  • Tech Desk Team - Usually, as is with tech, the people are nice and get on with it, but things just go wrong. This is mostly down to water (because we're in tents), or people knocking cables. This coming year, we're going to try a far more modular and testable design for our setup.
  • Fresh Café - Historically, we've had issues with young people (>400) behaving badly, but recently things have been really good.
  • Communications - The current tools are difficult to use, and are liable to fail without telling you. My first task this year is to sort out our email marketing tooling.
  • Resource Management - We currently don't know where our assets are... I'll be documenting them as the year progresses.