The War on Key Words

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Key words. Be they reserved words in a programming language, buzz words used in talks and meetings, or things with some other particular meaning. They're dangerous.

Key words can perturb meaning. They can disguise incompetence. They can damage knowledge. They introduce a layer of 'magic' which becomes a wall to knowledge, they make us do things because we do things, not because it's right.

In the IT world, people often pronounce the data format JSON as "Jason". I pronounce the letters seperately: "J-S-O-N". The reason for this is that it's now much harder to forget what it is.

The spec is about a screen's worth of text plus some images. If we give it a name, it becomes a magic black box. A thing that experts make, and mortals consume.
By calling it what it is (JavaScript Object Notation), we make it far easier to approach, to understand, to research, and to teach.

Acronyms are key words and key words are dangerous.