Waterfall Vs. Agile... Stop it

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A few of the descriptions I use to decribe Agile to people.

Scrum is just lots of short (usually 2 week long) waterfalls. Agile is nothing to do with it.

If waterfall is "measure twice, cut once", Scrum is "measure as you cut". Agile is nothing to do with it.

No, that's "expensive agile" (the stuff you get taught by $4k per day coaches which is mostly Scrum), this ( is real agile.

JIRA's great and all, but that's not the definition of Agile

Nope... Scrum and Agile are, infact, different things...

Sprints, backlogs, product owners... These are all from Scrum, not Agile

Agile -> That team is so Agile
Scrum -> That team is so Scrumptious


A lot of people are confused about which religion (Scrum, Agile, Waterfall, etc.) their buzzwords come from. It's difficult to have a discussion about "being Agile" when people confuse it with being Scrumptious.

If you think I've got something wrong, or want to suggest another description of Agile/Scrum/Waterfall, get in touch with me on Twitter: @jreeve0